Android Development

Everything Computers, LLC is currently developing applications for use on the Android Operating System. Android is a state-of-the-art OS that runs on several popular mobile phones, tablets and GoogleTV. Android was created by Google, Inc. and is an open platform. Call today toll free 1-877-EVT-COMP to discuss your app idea.

We've produced the following Android portfolio of applications for your review;

TrackAndroid, A simple GPS tracking system for your Android Phone.
MayanDroid, A graphical representation of the Mayan Calendar as a time keeping device on your Android device.
DroidHike, Android based hike logging software and personal diary system, entries may be kept personal or shared with fellow DroidHike members.
DroidTrek, Android based travel game that adds another dimension to your daily commute.
GammaDroid, Monitor the level of radioactive particles and gamma rays in your geographical region in real-time. The App graphically represents verifiable data from U.S. based national radiation map sources.