From the Makers of Drobo Introducing File Transporter The Dropbox Killer

Transporter: A New Way to Share, Access and Protect Files

Transporter is an online but off-cloud storage device for sharing, accessing and protecting unlimited amounts of files without using the cloud.

This new file sharing product aims to capture the individual and small business market. A device like this has been needed for some time. Most people are fed up with additional cloud storage fees and outages attributed to Dropbox and only online storage. There comes a point where you want to actually "own" your own storage and not "rent" it. The Development team that launched this product came from the makers of the Drobo, which is a great product, but still just a bunch of disks (JBOD). Services bundled with drives like the Western Digital MyBook Live have begun to capitalize on the need for onsite, local storage.

Share, access and protect all your files from anywhere with Transporter. Designed to offer a private, no-fee alternative to cloud storage, Transporter is an online but off-cloud storage device for sharing, accessing and protecting unlimited amounts of files without using the cloud. As a device you own and control, it is completely private and there are no monthly fees or subscriptions. Simply add a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive of your choice to start storing and sharing your files right away.

Whether you're working with videos, pictures, documents or spreadsheets, Transporter can store and transfer your files to other Transporters, authorized computers or mobile devices. All files stored on your Transporter, regardless of size or type, are available anywhere in the world from any computer or mobile device with Internet access. Changes to files are automatically synced between all shared devices making Transporter a perfect solution for collaborating with co-workers.

Because files stored on Transporter are only transferred between Transporter devices and authorized computers, your files are never stored in the cloud and remain completely private at all times. File transferred between Transporter devices are always encrypted during transit, so you can rest assured that personal documents are only being stored and viewed by people you have authorized.

A full copy of shared files is kept on each Transporter and changes to any files are automatically synced between shared devices to ensure everyone has the most recent copy and eliminate the need for manual, offsite backups. Should access to your primary Transporter ever be interrupted, you can continue to access your files off any shared Transporter.

No Recurring Fees
Most online and cloud storage providers charge monthly fees that increase as you need more access or storage. Transporter is a device you own and control, so you will never have to pay monthly fees or subscriptions to store and access your data.

Simple Setup
Transporter is incredibly simple to set up. Just add a compatible 2.5-inch SATA hard drive of your choice, connect Transporter to your network, and set up your free Transporter account using your favorite browser. To transfer files, simply send an invitation to the people with whom you want to share, and that’s it.

Where can you buy this product? Just see below for the most competitive pricing. Not a techie? You can order a File Transporter pre-configured from us today and get it setup in the same day it arrives, we are an authorized reseller for File Transporter and Drobo products.

Drive Specifications:
The Transporter is a Serial ATA (SATA II) device, so Transporter works with most recently manufactured 2.5" SATA hard drives, commonly known as mobile, laptop, or notebook drives.

More specifically:
SATA II, SATA-300, SATA 3Gb/s (Rev 2.0 SATA) SATA III, SATA-600, SATA 6Gb/s (Rev 3.0 SATA, backwards compatible) Minimum disk capacity: 160GB Drive thickness: 7mm, 9.5mm, 12.5mm, and 15mm

This makes Transporter one of the few consumer electronic devices that can physically accommodate 2TB 2.5" mobile hard drives.

In the Box:
Power supply (1.4m) Ethernet cable (1m) Quick Start Guide Product Info Guide

There are three models available; 0TB (or without hard drives), 1TB & 2TB


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