How To Purchase Apple Macintosh Computers With An Educator Or Student Discount

Apart from this computer repair and computer services business I operate here, I've been the Network/Systems Administrator for Pittsburg Community Schools (USD 250) for several years. Before that, the District Technician for the same, with a history of involvement in the computer repair field in the Pittsburg community for quite some time. Just being involved in this public education support role, with my background and acquaintances, I am often asked by staff and others for advice on their own personal computer purchasing decisions.Apple Education Store In order to provide all the details effectively to assist in their own decision on what to buy, I've created an article here at my personal business site for those people who ask. This guidance would also apply to anyone seeking some basic advice on how to receive discounts on computer products if you are a K-12 or College level educator, or are a student at either level.

Apple StoreThis particular article is tailored specifically for those people who would like to purchase Apple Macintosh computers. If you are wanting advice for MS Windows-based PC computers please see my other article here. Your source for Apple Computers is of course, the Apple Store. Apple Computer's public sector pricing is listed on the basic Apple Store for the most popular current products, this is always a good place to start. We'll also look at the Apple Store Educator/Student Discount. One of the best sources for slightly discounted public sector pricing is MacMall however, which I've purchased from many times, and is a reputable company in my opinion. PCMall is their Windows-based PC counterpart, and they are equally as reputable. We'll compare the four best selling Apple personal computer products right now as a price comparison across these different channels and vendors.

Apple Education Store - QualificationFortunately, Apple keeps their product line fairly simple. The current basic MacBook Air lists on the Apple Store for $999, this is a great Apple laptop computer, but can be a little underpowered and have too small of a screen for more advanced home users. We'll use it however, as an example to compare some prices so that I can show you how to get the best deal. On the Apple Store page along the left you'll see a link to the Apple Education Store. At this point, you'll need to verify which school you work for.

Once you've verified which school you go to or work at, the pricing will automatically change. In the MacBook Air example, the price is now $949, you've saved $50! (so buy me a cup of coffee) I used to recommend this option to most people who asked me for advice. As more people asked me, I really got started doing more searching around, and came up with a better way to get a significant discount off of that base price.

If you want to really get a good deal, your next best option is to purchase through MacMall. MacMall can afford to sell computers at a reduced cost to the public sector because they buy their computers from Apple at a volume discount. In most cases this is even more than any standard educators' discount. They are also able add some special incentives. Like a free printer or sometimes a free ram upgrade with your purchase. This 11" MacBook Air from Macmall though this special promotion is priced at $799, that's a savings of over $199 (20%!). You have to click on the link above to go directly to that page for purchasing from MacMall, they are also including a free upgrade to the latest Mac OS Lion. This probably the most economical deal going on right now.

If you want a little larger screen, your next best option is the MacBook Pro, with a 13" screen. The upgraded model on the Apple Store, lists for $1499, promotional price on this 13" MacBook Pro from Macmall is $1,349.

The next step up on the Apple Store, is the 15", it lists for $1799, promotional savings is about 14% on this 15" Macbook Pro from Macmall at $1,549. I generally don't recommend 17" MacBook Pro's at this time, they are gigantic and almost are an oxymoron when it comes to portability. However, if you have a backpack big enough to put it in (and a wallet to match) let me know and I can update this article with links to discounted 17" models as well.