Inexpensive Windows Based Tablet Computers

The mobile computing revolution has been fueled by the mass production of lightweight tablets. The most prominent leader was Apple with their iPad, Google created Android tablets, phones and now a new generation of Chrome notebooks has gained traction in the market. The Barnes and Nobles Nook with it's own OS and primarily a reader has become a player in this space, while the Amazon Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD have morphed into yet another independently developed variant. What's often missing in these devices is a standard operating system across platforms, and that precisely the disadvantage and challenge they pose to business. Google Android has a good running start with great hardware compatibility. However, tablets are a personal device designed with end user ease of use in mind, which makes the proprietary operating systems they're running naturally part of that entire user experience and less about compatibility with a wide range of software, certainly Windows compatibility is not even a consideration. Windows 8 and earlier Windows based tablets are a good direction particularly for business applications, and have been around for over a decade. It's not until recent years that lightweight physical enclosures/screens and even lighter weight operating systems built around touch screen and ease of use have propelled the tablet into mainstream usage. Below are some basic Windows Based tablets that are well suited for business use, one is a Windows 8 Version, and the other is still Windows 7 which is becoming more scarce, if that's preferred.

DELL XPS XPS10-3636BLK 64GB Flash Storage 10.1

Skytex SKYTAB S-series Windows 7 Tablet PC with ExoPC UI