Registering A Website Domain Name And Starter Hosting Package Options

This article discusses how and why you want to select a good website domain, and we also dive into understanding the different hosting options that are out there. This article is part of a two part series that summarizes Everything Computers, LLC's involvement with Pittsburg State University Art Students and their class website project: TenStoriesPSU.

Selecting a good website domain name should be something you take your time with and commit to. When selecting a name you should really think about how it is a reflection of yourself and maybe what you do. You want to try to think about how easily the name can be both printed and spoken with ease. You want it to be as short as possible, without too many dashes or other odd letters. Also a good domain is easy to pronounce clearly and understand if said over the phone. If you're unmarried, think about if your name would change, how that could impact how people find you online. Often the best sites are those that include words from our everyday life that are either odd combinations, or intentional misspellings to be memorable, which is a common, current trend.

Right now, the best promotion going on for registering a domain is through 1and1. You'll hear a lot about Godaddy, and others, but many of the other sites charge a lot more to compensate for their overhead and marketing. This link below to the 1and1 signup page will help get the exact package I"m referring to at the promotional rate, simply enter the name you want in the box and click "go":

1&1 Instant Domain

Owning the domain name is only part of what you need to have a fully functional website. Having enough space and a physical place online to store the files is the other big part of the project. There is a range of options and I suggest you contact us to work with you or you may investigate the following hosting options:

1&1 Server XL 6

1&1 MyWebsite Premium

1&1 Advanced eShop + Business