Password Reset Feature Doesn't Work With All Browsers

If you've recently become a customer, using their website to print postage can sometimes be a bit cumbersome. You are able to create an account on about any platform (Windows or Mac) and about any browser (Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome). You'll soon find however that you are unable to login or use all of the fuctions of the website with each of the browsers listed above.

Apple Safari does not function on either platform (Windows or Mac). You'll first notice the issue upon login, you will not get an error that your browser is unsupported, but rather just that you're entering the wrong password. This could potentially be due to the site not encoding your password correctly with an unsupported browser. This will of course necessitate a "password reset". This function fortunately works with any of the browsers tested, unfortunately, when you re-enter the temporary password in the same browser, the issue persists, you'll be presented with the same login dialog that fails to accept the password. The following message will be similar what you receive in E-mail to reset your password;

Dear customer name,

Here is the new temporary password you requested:
You can copy your temporary password directly from this email and paste it or you can type it in. Please keep in mind that anything that looks like an "O" will always be the number zero. Anything that looks like an "I" will always be the number one.

Once you log in using your temporary password, you will be prompted to change it. For your security, we have cleared all the billing information from your account. You will need to reenter your billing information the next time you place an order.

If you have additional questions we encourage you to review our order faq's, email us, or call us for immediate assistance toll-free at 1.888.434.0055, Monday – Friday, 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Pacific Time.

The Team

Just be sure to use a browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Some internet users have expressed a problem with Internet Explorer and the website, unfortunately, more testing would be required to identify the specific versions, some versions now may be completely compatible.

How could make this better? They could make their notice of supported browsers more prominent on the website. Ideally, a red or yellow bar could appear with the notice that you're not logging in with a support browser.