Using vlookup Fuction in Microsoft Excel to Merge Data From Two Different Sets

vloopkup is a function of Excel that can be used to merge the data from one set to another. For instance, if I have a spreadsheet with two columns, one is an ID number, the other is the persons car they drive. We'd like the ID number to instead read as, the persons name. However, the reference for this is in another spreadsheet.

The first step is to insert the reference spreadsheet into the first spreadsheet as another workbook. So that they're in the same file. Identify the column in this first workbook you want the new data to be in (along side the car for example), select the vlookup function, Highlight the entire column of the first worksheet with the ID number, this tells the function where to see the ID number from.

Select the first blank of the first column and the last row of the second column as the table_array variable of this vlookup function.

It helps if the reference is in some logical order, perhaps numerically from 10001 to 50001 as in this example.

The last blank identifies if the match will be exact, enter FALSE or the number 0 works here.

This use of this function comes in very handy when modifying SQL or other Database records that have been exported to CSV. Often relational databases only use reference numbers in one table, but store users and other data in a completely separate table. When doing reports and other management functions, you may encounter the need for such a tool.