Yes Virginia, It Is Your Fault The PC Got A Virus

No sense in candy-coating it anymore. Why did your computer get a virus you ask? Because you're sloppy about the way you're searching for things online. Do you seek "free" things, like "free software" or "free music". Well, surprise, nothing is free, except the ticket to the slow train running to the spyware, virus, malware funhouse central. Don't click on advertisements! Period. Train yourself to recognize what is a logical place for true Windows notifications to come up, and what's likely a ploy to get you to click. Also be aware of how windows title bars appear on your actual windows, versus what's being shown on an advertisement. Change your desktop theme if you have to. The madness even continues within search results, the top results probably aren't credible, they're generally ads, train yourself to look beyond this.

Let's play a game, click here to take the test.